The Top Benefits of Mulch Around Trees

Your trees need extra loving care to keep them healthy and beautiful. Proper mulching is one of the many ways to handle the job. In this post, our tree service experts in Cocoa, FL, will explain the benefits of mulch around trees.

mulch around trees

Retain Soil Moisture

When you put mulch around your trees, you reduce the amount of moisture evaporating from the soil, which is especially important when considering how far apart should fruit trees be planted to ensure they receive adequate moisture. This makes it highly beneficial if you live in a dry region, as it promotes water conservation. 

In addition, it pays to use organic mulch as it eases the impact of raindrops, allowing water to effectively permeate the soil. 

Replenish Soil Nutrients

When you put organic mulch around trees, it breaks down over time, enriching the soil with nutrients. That means your soil will be fertile, and your trees will grow healthier!

Tree care experts recommend mulching in mid to late spring. In this way, the soil has sufficient time to warm up all through the summer. Furthermore, using organic mulch ensures the soil receives as many nutrients as possible. 

Regulate Root Temperature

Temperature fluctuations can hamper healthy tree growth. Mulch serves as an insulator for your trees, keeping the soil cool in summer and warm in winter. This helps control adverse temperature changes, promoting healthier growth. 

If you’ve just planted your trees, it’s best to use ground-insulation mulches to ensure proper root growth. This kind of mulch prevents the soil underneath your trees from freezing to help the roots absorb moisture, even during winter. 

Reduce Soil Compaction

Soil compaction reduces the pore space between the soil particles. This makes the soil denser, which hampers water infiltration and drainage. The result is an unhealthy tree. 

Mulch will protect your soil from water, wind, and traffic-induced erosion. It also protects your trees against compaction that would directly cause root stress and poor plant health. 

If you want to minimize soil compaction and safeguard the tree, just spread a thick layer of organic mulch around it. 

Prevent Weed Growth

The last thing you want is for your trees and shrubs to compete with weeds for moisture, sunlight, and nutrients. You can control weed growth by spreading a two- to three-inch thick layer of mulch over the soil. In this way, you’ll block sunlight from reaching the soil surface and prevent weed germination. Be careful not to exceed three inches of excess mulch since, just like over-pruning, this can starve the tree of oxygen. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Putting mulch around trees not only helps the soil retain moisture, control insects and diseases, and prevent weed growth, but it also contributes to the broader question of do trees increase property value? Well-maintained trees with proper mulching can enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

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