When Should You Start Pruning Tall Trees

Beautiful tall trees can elevate any Daytona Beach, Florida, property’s appearance. However, sometimes their branches grow too large and benefit from pruning. However, pruning tall trees during the wrong season can limit benefits and even cause unnecessary stress. 

Fortunately, T&K Tree Service is here to explain the best time to prune tall trees in Dayton Beach, Florida.

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pruning tall trees

The Best Time to Trim Trees in Daytona Beach, Florida

Although homeowners should trim diseased, dead, and heavily damaged branches throughout the year, part of taking care of sick trees involves timely pruning to remove affected limbs and prevent further deterioration. This care includes treating a damaged bark, which can be vital for the tree’s health, especially after pruning.

Always wait until a tree becomes dormant before pruning its branches, a practice often referred to as pruning during winter. Most trees enter dormancy during November and exit around mid-March, making this season the perfect time to trim tall trees.

Why Wait Until Winter to Prune Large Trees?

Pruning tall trees during winter provides numerous benefits while decreasing tree stress. It promotes growth once the tree exits dormancy and reduces the likelihood of pest infestations. Other benefits include:

  • Makes the process easier
  • Diminishes the chances of disease
  • Increases visibility due to lack of leaves
  • Limits bleeding (sap expulsion)
  • Minimizes damage while improving healing
  • Promotes fruiting
  • Improves the tree’s appearance

The Worst Time to Prune Large Trees

Pruning tall trees during early fall or late summer, or engaging in excessive pruning, often causes more harm than good. Trees prepare for dormancy during these times and store resources inside their trunks and limbs to get them through the winter. Excessive pruning can deplete these vital resources, increasing stress on the tree. Trimming a tree while it’s preparing for dormancy can reduce its resources, increasing stress and preventing it from becoming dormant in time for winter. 

Trimming tree limbs during late summer and early fall can also make it difficult for the tree to heal, making it more susceptible to pest infestations and diseases. Even if you use proper pruning techniques, the tree will still struggle to recover and could die in serious situations.

Although homeowners can trim large trees themselves, it’s best to contact a professional tree care service to ensure top-quality results. T&K Tree Service offers first-class pruning services and will shape your trees’ canopies so they continue increasing your home’s curbside appeal.

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