How Far Apart Should Fruit Trees Be Planted?

Homeowners love having fruit trees growing on their property. However, before you can enjoy the sweet harvests of your backyard, you need to plant your trees the right way.

How far apart should fruit trees be planted? Unfortunately, you won’t find one definitive answer. You’ve probably seen trees in commercial orchards growing close together and thought the small space in your yard would do. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Not to worry, though. This article will provide you with a fruit tree spacing guide, highlighting how consulting a reliable tree service in Cocoa, FL, can help your fruit trees thrive.

how far apart should fruit trees be planted

Why Does Space Matter

It might seem like simple math. The more fruit trees you grow, the more fruit you can enjoy later. However, it doesn’t work this way.

When growing fruit trees, space is a crucial factor to consider. Read on for some of the reasons why.

Enables Better Access to Water and Nutrients

Space plays a role in how productive your fruit trees will be. By ensuring your trees have enough room, you allow their roots to have plenty of access to the water and nutrients they need.

Reduces Risk of Disease

Spacing your fruit trees can make pruning easier. This helps increase airflow, which greatly reduces the risk of diseases.

Promotes Pollination

Creating space in between your fruit trees makes it easier for birds and bees to access pollen, ultimately boosting fruit production.

Allows Your Trees To Grow to Their Full Size

With nothing obstructing them, your fruit trees will be able to grow and spread to their full, mature tree size.

How Far Apart Should Fruit Trees Be Planted?

While planting your fruit trees close together is never ideal, planting them too far apart can be problematic as well. For starters, the distance can hinder pollination.

How far apart should fruit trees be planted to facilitate ideal growth? The answer to this question varies depending on the fruit tree you intend to plant. If you plant avocadoes, you should have them at least 30 inches apart. For lemon trees, 20 inches will do.

The best way to know how to space your fruit trees is to use the size of mature trees as a guide. Also, be keen not to plant fruit trees too far apart.

Space-Saving Alternatives

Is space a major issue for you? Thanks to the available space-saving varieties available, you can still grow fruit trees on your property.

For instance, you can opt for columnar fruit trees that grow straight up. However, they can be expensive. Also, they don’t produce as much fruit as standard trees.

Expert Tree Care in Cocoa, FL

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