How To Treat a Sick Tree in Cocoa, FL: Four Tips

Considering how resilient your tree is, it’s hard to imagine it getting sick. Unfortunately, tree diseases are an ever-present threat.

The good news is that, even when your tree gets sick, you can still save it from death. Read on to learn how to treat a sick tree and why consulting a professional tree service in Cocoa, FL, is always the best course of action.

how to treat a sick tree

What Makes Trees Fall Sick

While a lot of things can make your tree sick, the ultimate cause is the lack of regular tree care. This is because most tree diseases attack trees whose health is already compromised.

For instance, your tree is more likely to fall sick if:

  • It isn’t getting enough water or nutrients
  • The soil it’s growing in is poor or contaminated
  • It has root or bark damage
  • It has been over-pruned

How To Know When Your Tree Is Sick

Tree health is still a mystery to many. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert in plant pathology or have a degree in arboriculture to know when your tree is sick. Simply look for worrying signs such as:

  • Yellow or brown leaves
  • Excessive leaf drop
  • Bark peel
  • Branch die-back
  • Decay in the trunk
  • Sap oozing from your tree’s trunk

How To Treat a Sick Tree

As a tree owner, few things are worse than seeing your tree get sick. The dead branches, yellowing leaves, and peeling bark are never a welcomed sight.

As concerning as this can be, it might not be the end of your tree. You can restore its health, if you act quickly. Here are four tips that will help you learn how to treat a sick tree.

1. Identify the Problem

Just like how a doctor starts by diagnosing your illness, the first step should be to determine what’s making your tree sick. Doing so on your own will be impossible so it’s best to consult a horticulture expert.

2. Prune the Dead Branches

Removing dead or dying branches helps your tree in two ways. One, it stops the spread of the disease. Two, it allows the tree to use its resources the right way.

3. Correct Watering Issues

Think of how many diseases you avoid by maintaining a good diet. The same goes for your tree. It might seem simple but ensuring you give your tree the right amount of water can save its life.

4. Mulching

Besides water, your sick tree will also need plenty of nutrients. This is where mulching comes in handy. It helps you enrich the soil your tree is growing in and ensure the tree gets the nutrients it needs.

Expert Tree Care in Cocoa, FL

No tree owner wants to lose their tree to disease. Fortunately, you don’t have to. We know how to treat a sick tree and are ready to share our expertise with you. Call T&K Tree Service & Stump Grinding at (386) 405-4923 to schedule our services.

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