The Dangers of Excessive Pruning for Your Trees in Daytona Beach, FL

If you have several beautiful trees under your care, can excessive pruning harm them beyond recovery?

In this post, T&K Tree Service’s experts in tree trimming in Daytona Beach explain why the practice of pruning too much can be so damaging for your precious tree specimens.

What Arborists Classify as Excessive Pruning

While the definition may differ slightly from one species to the next, there’s a standard that arborists follow: never cut back more than a third of all the foliage of trees and shrubs in one go! 

Professionals like T&K Tree Service also advise trimming trees when there’s a real need for it, not because you think you should.

How Too Much Pruning Harms Your Trees

Even with expert techniques, pruning too much causes a tree injury. Here’s why you might want to avoid this scenario:

Sets the Stage for Rot 

A properly pruned tree has fewer wounds to heal, so it’s easy to compartmentalize its damaged sections and start the healing process. Excessive pruning puts the tree at a disadvantage, especially if the open wounds decay.

If the tree doesn’t have enough foliage to produce the energy it needs to recover fully, these open wounds also serve as beacons for insects and diseases to move in.

Less Food for Your Tree

Leaves aren’t just there to look pretty—they play a vital role in food production for your tree. 

When you remove too many leaves at any one time, the plant’s health and longevity suffer.

Sunscald Dangers

Removing too many limbs at once exposes the trunk to the sun. The bark may burn, especially in sun-sensitive trees. 

In this case, the plant usually responds by sending out protective sprouts, which clutters the canopy and causes more problems.

Unwanted Sprouting

When you remove too much foliage, the tree’s survival mode includes getting interior sprouts during the next growing season. It tries to protect the trunk from the sun, including growing extra branches to replace the lost foliage.

However, the danger is that these extra branches sap the tree’s strength. They’re also not as strong as they should be.

Higher Maintenance Costs

Unfortunately, the tree’s sprouting means that you have a new problem on your hands. 

You’ll need to trim away the weaker branches to make room for the stronger ones and trim more often to maintain a pleasing aesthetic.

Pruning Trees Excessively Gives You Other Problems

There are two further reasons you may want to avoid excessively pruning your trees:

  • A higher risk of wind damage: A high canopy sustains more wind damage. If the trunk or roots can’t support the tree properly or it has weak sprouting branches, it may come down during a storm.
  • Significantly weaker branches: Your tree compensates for lost foliage by trying to grow as many limbs as possible but compromising on quality. Naturally weaker branches aren’t as effective and will present a risk to your property, vehicles, and even people. 

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