How to Save a Tree With Damaged Bark in Cocoa, FL

Would you know how to save a tree with damaged bark? If not, you’re not alone.

Below, learn what T&K Tree Service would do about damaged bark as your reliable tree service contractor in Cocoa, FL.

how to save a tree with damaged bark

Tree Bark 101—It’s Tree Skin

The tree’s bark acts similarly to a human’s skin layers in that it protects the vulnerable internal system from disease, pests, and exposure. It’s also like skin in that the tree will naturally shed bark over time to allow its trunk to expand. This is a normal part of natural tree maintenance. 

Still, despite the tree’s tendency to shed a layer of bark as needed, there should always be a new layer of bark ready before the top layer sheds. Damage to this vital area requires emergency tree treatment because the layer beneath hasn’t formed yet. If there’s a gap, it potentially exposes the tree’s delicate heartwood, which could kill it.

What Happens When Bark’s Damaged

Damage to the bark harms the vulnerable phloem layer. If the wound takes up less than a quarter of the trunk’s diameter, there’s no need for alarm. Wound healing in trees is very effective as long as the plant is healthy. 

In fact, many urban forestry experts say that the tree can survive damage of up to 50% if you practice good tree care to support recovery and watch for signs of infection or infestation. Any damage that covers more than 50% of the tree is dangerous. If you want to learn how to save a tree with damaged bark, get an expert in arboriculture on the phone.

Repairing Tree Bark

The more extensive the bark damage, the lower the tree’s chances of recovery. However, their professionals have many tricks that might save the plant. They might even repair simple scratches by washing the wound with soapy water and letting it dry out.

Is your tree’s damage extensive? An arborist will do the following:

Cleanly Cut the Wound

The wound’s edges must be clean and smooth to support quick healing. The arborist will use spotless tools to smooth the edges and cut as shallowly as possible before leaving the wound to heal. Tree experts don’t recommend sealing the wound, as the tree is better equipped to do so, and sealants may interfere with the natural healing process. 

Bridge Graft It

If your tree’s damage is severe, cut twigs strewn together (like a raft) across the damaged areas as follows:

  • Cut twigs about the width of your thumb and long enough to cross the damaged area vertically.  
  • Keep the narrow end of the twigs pointing upward while using grafting wax to cover both sides.
  • Wedge in the twigs underneath the edges.

This grafting may restore the flow of nutrients and help your tree bark to heal. 

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