Is White Fungus on Trees Dangerous? What Cocoa, FL, Residents Should Know

Have you noticed a white-looking fungus growing on your Cocoa, FL, trees? Investigating any new growth on your trees and shrubs can help you address problems early on and stop them from spreading. So is white fungus on trees dangerous or something you can leave be?

The answer varies depending on the cause and type of fungus. T&K Tree Service, a reliable tree service in Cocoa, FL, explains below. 

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Causes of White Tree Fungus

White tree fungus typically results from two main causes — one that is dangerous and another that is not. 

Heart rot is the first main cause of white tree fungus. This tree disease occurs when your tree becomes infected from the inside out, or from its “heart.” By the time you notice any symptoms on your tree’s exterior, such as white fungal residue, the infection has likely already damaged your tree beyond repair. 

Heart rot develops when a fungus enters through wounds on the bark. Its main symptom is white, mushroom-like growth on the trunk or limbs. 

Meanwhile, powdery mildew is a less severe source of white fungus on trees. This fungus is spread by the wind and leaves a white or gray powdery residue on the surface of the tree. Often, it only leads to superficial growth that doesn’t penetrate the tree or cause further damage.

Powdery mildew can sometimes present other symptoms aside from white fungus, such as:

  • White blotches on the leaves
  • Purple areas on leaves
  • Shriveled or dead leaves
  • White mushrooms, in some cases

Distinguishing powdery mildew from heart rot can be challenging, so you should enlist the help of a tree professional to accurately diagnose the fungus. 

When Is White Fungus on Trees Dangerous? 

You should not leave any form of white fungus on trees unaddressed. Whether your tree’s white fungus comes from heart rot or powdery mildew, it can harm your tree’s health. 

With that said, powdery mildew is a relatively mild tree disease that a professional can easily treat through a few different methods. In contrast, heart rot is deadly to trees. Unless the fungus has only affected a few branches, an arborist will likely need to cut down the whole tree and remove the root system to prevent it from spreading to nearby trees. 

So is white fungus on trees dangerous? Yes, when it results from heart rot. 

What To Do When You Notice White Fungus on Trees

As soon as you notice any sort of white fungus on trees, contact a tree professional to assess the problem. They can determine whether the fungus is the result of heart rot, powdery mildew, or another concern. Then, they can determine the best course of action to preserve the tree while preventing the fungus from spreading. 

Is white fungus on trees dangerous? It can be, but our professionals at T&K Tree Service in Cocoa, FL, can help you eradicate it. Whether you need to treat a sick tree or prune trees that no longer suit your aesthetic preferences, call us today at 386-405-4923 for an estimate. 

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